About Our Trip

For two weeks at the beginning of each summer, a team of Globalist staffers travels to another country to conduct unique on-the-ground reporting and research. These reporting trips include meetings with government officials, journalists, academics, cultural figures, and civil society leaders, and it all culminates in articles for our fall issue. In past years, the Globalist has reported from Eastern Europe (2005), China (2006), Venezuela (2007), India (2008), Tanzania (2009), Indonesia (2010) and Turkey (2011).

This year, 18 Globalist staff writers and members of the editorial board will travel to Chile for our annual international reporting trip. Last year, we interviewed a Turkish pop band,  lunched with an imam in Urfa, and investigated the ins and outs of the traditional Turkish carpet industry, and this year, we eagerly await equally wonderful experiences in Chile!

For May 9 – 16, the entire Globalist team will be based in Santiago, where we will begin researching our articles. On May 17, we will split into two reporting teams, one headed for Valparaiso and one for Northern Chile (specifically, the cities of Antofagasta, San Pedro and Calama). To wrap up our trip, we will all return to Santiago on May 23 to spend one last night together in the country.

Reporters will be following various stories along the way, so be on the lookout for anecdotes about the prosperous Chilean wine market, student protests proliferating throughout the country, reform in women’s reproductive rights, water shortages and environmental sustainability in the Atacama Desert, and gay rights in Chile.

We’ll be updating this blog nearly every day of the trip with photos, glimpses into our research and fun Globalist extras to add a little spice to everything! Keep on checking back, we won’t disappoint!

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